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System Maintenance & Network cabling

We are offering professional network system maintenance and network cabling.

  1. CCTV maintenance and service.
  2. Data cabling.

Carpentry & Home decoration

We are offering excellent finishing carpentry maintenance including wooden flooring works.

  1. Repairing of wooden cupboards.
  2. Repairing of wooden doors and polishing works.
  3. wooden flooring works.
  4. Fixing of new wooden doors & cupboards.
  5. wooden polishing & varnishing works.

Air-condition maintenance & services

We offer a complete range of air-conditioning maintenance service including installation of various type units.

  1. Maintenance and servicing of FCU’s
  2. Installation of new FCU’s with commissioning.
  3. Chilled water pipe insulation works.
  4. Maintenance and repairing of chilled water pumps.
  5. AC ducting works.
  6. Installation of ducted split units,
  7. Planned preventive maintenance (PPM) of ac units.
  8. Corrective & Reactive maintenance of ac units (CM&RM).

False ceiling works

We are offering professional false ceiling repairing works including new potion and ceiling works.

  1. Repairing & restoration of gypsum ceiling.
  2. New gypsum ceiling works.
  3. Gypsum portion works.
  4. Gypsum ceiling & portion painting works.

Electrical Maintenance Services

We offer a 100% safely electrical maintenance services including trouble shooting and electrical equipment preventive maintenance.

  1. Service & Maintenance of ACB”s
  2. Service & Maintenance of LV panels.
  3. LV panel installation and commissioning.
  4. Electrical cabling works.
  5. Fixing of light & small power equipments.
  6. Planned preventive maintenance (PPM) of electrical equipments.
  7. Corrective & Reactive maintenance of electrical equipments.

Civil works

We are offering excellent service and we have professional staff to maintain the civil works

  1. Block works & plastering.
  2. concreting works floor & ceiling.
  3. Floor & roof screeding works.
  4. Floor & wall Tiles works.
  5. Floor marble works & marble polishing.
  6. Tiles & marble repairing works.
  7. All other civil related works.

Plumping services

We are offering 24hrs plumping maintenance service including installation and commissioning of drainage lines, water lines and sanitary fixtures.

  1. Maintenance of PRV’s
  2. Maintenance & servicing of Booster & Transfer pumps.
  3. Installation of PRV’s.
  4. Installation of Pumps.
  5. Installation & maintenance of sump pumps.
  6. Pipe line insulation works.
  7. Rectification of drain blockage issues.
  8. Planned preventive maintenance (PPM)
  9. Corrective & Reactive maintenance (CM & RM)

Painting contracting

We are offering professional painting service with excellent finishing

  1. Residential & Villa Painting
  2. Apartment &House Painting
  3. Interior & Exterior Painting
  4. Spray Painting
  5. Epoxy Painting
  6. Kitchen Cupboards & Door Painting
  7. Furniture Painting
  8. Floor & wall Painting service
  9. Villa Painting Services

Commercial Painting

Office, Shop, Show Rooms, Hotels, Building & Factory Paintings